IMI Cited in White House Blueprint on Maternal Health

Washington, DC – The Institute for Medicaid Innovation (IMI) was credited in the White House national blueprint for maternal health that was released today, citing two IMI research projects as informing policy goals and action steps specifically related to Medicaid.

Research cited includes an October 2021 Health Affairs article authored by IMI founding executive director Dr. Jennifer Moore and senior research fellows Drs. Clare Brown and Karen George that found mental health conditions increase severe maternal morbidity by 50% and cost $102 million annually. Additionally, the blueprint referenced a report released by the Aspen Health Strategy Group that features an IMI paper authored by Dr. Moore and IMI board member Karen Dale, identifying the opportunities for Medicaid programs to address barriers to access and coverage as a step towards eliminating maternal health disparities.

The Blueprint for Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis is a whole-of-government approach to combatting maternal mortality and morbidity described by the Biden Administration as “the next step towards a future where the United States will be the best country in the world to have a baby.”

 The blueprint focuses on five key priorities:

  • Increasing access to and coverage of comprehensive high-quality maternal health services, including behavioral health services;
  • Ensuring women giving birth are heard and are decisionmakers in accountable systems of care;
  • Advancing data collection, standardization, harmonization, transparency, and research;
  • Expanding and diversifying the perinatal workforce; and
  • Strengthening economic and social supports for people before, during, and after pregnancy.

Additional IMI resources on maternal health are available here.