New Report Details Path Forward for Improving Maternal Health

The Institute for Medicaid Innovation (IMI) has released a new, five-year plan to improve the trajectory of America’s maternal and infant health outcomes. The plan represents a bold new path to reverse the maternal health crisis and improve lives for birthing persons and babies across the nation.

The report puts forth Five Big Ideas, rooted in health equity and evidenced-based models of care, to improve the health of our nation.

The findings are the result of the Maternal Health Policy Equity Summit—held by IMI in September 2023—a convening of Medicaid policy experts and those with lived experience with the program.

The Big Five Ideas include:

  • Build, Support, and Sustain the Workforce
  • Integrate Services and Systems Across Settings and Sectors
  • Collect the Right Data and Make it Open Source
  • Establish the Foundation for Family-Based Continuum of Care from Preconception-to-age 3
  • Learn from and Build on Emerging Ideas at the Community and State Levels

The rates of maternal mortality and morbidity in this country are astounding and deeply disturbing. Much work and an unqualified commitment to get the job done are needed. This report provides a significant step forward in improving maternal and infant health.

Further Background:

In late September 2023, IMI convened leaders in maternal and infant health for its landmark Maternal Health Policy Equity Summit, held in Washington D.C., to address ways to fundamentally improve the nation’s maternal and infant health outcomes. Summit participants represented a diverse group of Medicaid policy thought leaders and change agents in perinatal and maternal health, as well as individuals with lived experience and community members, committed to improving maternal and infant health outcomes in the U.S. and ensuring health equity in the structure and delivery of health services in achieving that goal.