IMI Launches First Grassroots Fundraising Campaign

Washington, DC – The Institute for Medicaid Innovation launched its first grassroots funding campaign today, seeking support for continued efforts to generate nonpartisan, rigorous research and lead national implementation initiatives that inform policies benefiting Medicaid enrollees, caregivers, families, and communities.

After eight years of being 100% funded through foundation grants, individuals can now personally support IMI’s mission by donating directly. IMI strongly believes that evidence-based research is fundamental to decisions that make sustainable and effective change in people’s lives. IMI is excited to continue leading research that catalyzes transformation within a system that impacts millions of lives.

IMI now solicits and gratefully accepts external support in the form of restricted and unrestricted funding for activities that are aligned with the institution’s mission, vision, strategic priorities, and values. Support can be in the form of financial or non-financial/in-kind donations.

IMI chooses its partners intentionally and carefully. To support this process, IMI has established seven funding principles to clearly articulate our decision-making process and define our objective approach to ensure fair and consistent evaluation of all potential support and partnerships.

Individuals interested in supporting the work of IMI can donate and/or share the opportunity to support IMI with others who are committed to our mission.